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Sautes and Pan Sauces

Volume 1
Sautés & Pan Sauces

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Soups & Stock

Volume 2
Soups & Stocks

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Volume 3

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Over 40 five star reviews, here are a few.

..."Her true gift is the enthusiasm she shows on air"
Producer of KUSA 9News at 4:00pm

A Worthwhile Investment, October 4, 2009
By Andrew W. Leroy "Cooking for fun..." (St. Paul, Minnesota)

I have purchased all three of these dvd's and have been exceptionally pleased with the attention to detail and instructional methods in each volume. Kitchen Cue's quality of customer service is also very good.I had a few questions and they responded with an immediacy and a patience to my questions.

Although I am somewhat new to cooking, I think people with any skill level can get a substantial benefit by viewing the knowledge contained in these tutorials. They go beyond cooking methods and also instruct you how to pair wines and other beverages with your meals, set-up your cooking station and many other little tips. Do you know when to use extra virgin olive oil vs just plain olive oil? I did not before having these videos but I do now.

I will be roasting my Thanksgiving turkey with Chef Shellie in my kitchen this year. If your interested in really learning to cook and not just how to follow a recipe then jump right in, the waters fine...

finally!, January 30, 2009
By nano k. zeringue "nzg"(LA) -

i have FINALLY found a resource that de-mystifies cooking! this series shows that making "fancy food" really can be simple. you'll impress your family and friends and you will enjoy every minute of it. bon apetite! Nzg

Fantastic!, February 10, 2009
By Diane (Denver) -

I am an experienced cook and was skeptical but decided to give it a try as I wanted to brush up on my skills and wanted I reference I could use at home. I was quickly won over. This DVD has something for everyone. Chef Shellie is an excellent instructor, she is knowledgeable, professional and fun--you will get the technique down easily as she walks you through the steps. It is also a perfect review. Additionally, she has packed this DVD with all kinds of useful information in an easy-to-use format that will show you how to cook without recipes or give you new inspiration on combining ingredients and spices. To top it off there is a primer on which types of wines will complement the ingredients you have chosen. A great value!"

Great sauces made easy, February 1, 2009
By Charley G. (Denver, Colorado) -

I have made over half the recipes in this series and loved every one of them. The best compliment I can give to this product is that my wife has on several occasions, when asked what she would like for dinner, simply said "Why don't you make something from Shellie's video". If you want to try a real treat, go for the mission fig dessert after one of these great dinners.

soups and sauces, March 31, 2009
By D. Leake "fledgling cook"

I have the first two KitchenCue DVD's and I LOVE them. The amazing thing about these instructional DVD's is that Chef Shellie is not the least bit pretentious, is easy to understand and so generous with her knowledge. Quite often you listen to Chef's and they give partial information, you attempt what they have done to complete failure. Not so with Chef Shellie, she really teaches you skills to keep forever and makes you a success. Please try these. You will love them too.