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An important part of cooking is having a well stocked pantry. Make sure you have what you need with our free resource guide.

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Sautes and Pan Sauces

Volume 1
Sautés & Pan Sauces

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Soups & Stock

Volume 2
Soups & Stocks

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Volume 3

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KitchenCUE was born our of our desire to bring something meaningful to the table, no pun intended! Something that would REALLY make life better. Cooking is easy - when you have the skill - and there is nothing better than sharing a home cooked meal with family and friends around the table...laughing, sharing and communing.

Everyone deserves the benefits of eating real food, made with love. Even with our busy lives, we can do it! KitchenCUE shows you how to cook, elevates your cooking to the next level and brings variety and inspiration back into your kitchen!

Each DVD is based on a technique that is easy to master...5 steps to any soup or 6 steps for an easy sauté made with ingredients you like to eat. Once you have the steps down, the world is your oyster. Use ingredients, spices, herbs and flavorings that you love to make a variety of delicious, healthy, impressive meals for everyday eating or entertaining.

Complete with wine and food pairing charts, well matched tables that show you what ingredients go together, knife sharpening videos and equipment information, KitchenCUE is a complete resource for your time in the kitchen.


Now more than ever we need to eat healthier, live better and dig in to life! Cooking is "in", greener lifestyles are back and we finally care about where our food comes from and what's in it. We want to nourish ourselves, our kids and loved ones with quality food and have control over what we consume. There is no better way to be healthy and live well than to cook for yourself.

KitchenCUE is a foundation in this renaissance. Look to us to make you a better cook, elevate your skills and help you fall in love with cooking. Bring healthy communion into your life and reap the rewards of making a home cooked meal and sharing it around the table with family and friends.